graceless but effective

graceless but effective

this is the place where i go to be weird online without being marketed to. it's updated on an extremely sporadic basis, and it's ugly on purpose.

Update Log

6/13/23: fixed the index page.

6/12/23: added items to the book log; added a novella; broke the index page somehow.

4/25/23: added a new story.

4/24/23: added Evil Dead Rise to the movie log.

4/19/23: removed Yesterweb widget from all pages. :( updated book log.

2/24/23: updated the book & movie logs; added new photos.

1/22/23: got the new layout applied throughout the site; added photos link to nav bar; added new books and movies to the logs; created pages for top movies and books; added top movies pages to sitemap.

1/21/23: created a new layout for the site.

11/28/22: added items to book & movie logs; added new photos.

11/16/22: added items to the book log; new photos added.

11/13/22: added photography page.

10/25/22: added items to the book and movie logs.

10/19/22: don't ask me how together the new place is, i don't wanna talk about it. added a bunch of stuff to the book log and one thing to the movie log.

8/27/22: new space is about... 70% together? i have a desk and my computer is set up, at least. anyway, added some items to the movie and book logs.

8/22/22: moving is done. but unpacking and sorting out the new space is taking a bit. added some items to the movie and book logs.

8/10/22: still in the moving trenches, folks. however, i have added several items to the movie and book logs and gave the Repro Legal Defense Fund its own listing on the recs page. and i messed around adding some silly aesthetic tweaks.

7/11/22: added A Mortal Glamour to the book log. moving is bonkers and sapping my energy to do much of anything, so updates are hard.

7/5/22: added Armed in Her Fashion to the book log.

7/2/22: added items to the movie log; added Professor Charlatan's Travel Guide to the book log.

6/28/22: added Scoundrel to the book log; added link to the index.

6/27/22: added If/When/How and Repro Legal Defense Fund to the recs page.

6/24/22: added ActBlue link to index page; added more links to the repro rights section of recs; resolved to outlive all fascists out of spite alone.

6/23/22: added a to do list to the left sidebar on the index page; added a history section to recs; added new links to multiple sections in recs.

6/22/22: added a sitemap; added sitemap and guestbook links to the left sidebar on all pages (i think).

6/21/22: renamed "vibing" to "recs," since that's a more accurate description of what that section actually is; updated site links accordingly; added a podcast section to recs, because being alone with your thoughts is lava; general rearrangement of the homepage.

6/20/22: added Fight Like Hell to the book log.

6/6/22: added The Wakening to the book log.

6/4/22: added The Found Footage Phenomenon to the movie log; added several books to the book log; added note to the clown brick page.

5/27/22: started It page.

5/25/22: added analytics via GoatCounter.

5/21/22: added Men to the movie log.

5/19/22: added a new guestbook. super bummed that i lost all the nice notes from the old one. :( added imood widgets & tarot graphics.

5/17/22: added ghost favicon from Whimsical; added new site header-- same goofy boy, new gradient background; added Kingdom Hospital page.

5/11/22: removed dead guestbook link; added repeating background image.

5/7/22: added pets page.

5/6/22: moved buttons to "vibing" instead; also added my own site button; Yesterweb widget added.

5/5/22: guestbook is down; added chatbox instead.

5/4/22: added buttons to the index; added new links to "vibing."

5/2/22: "vibing" page created.

5/1/22: "reading" and "watching" pages redone.

4/30/22: "about" page completed; "reading" and "watching" pages created; new short story uploaded.

4/26/22: new short story uploaded!

4/25/22: "writing" and "about" pages created.

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