this is just... sort of a grab bag of things i think are cool, interesting, or important.

Cool People

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Going Medieval Dr. Eleanor Janega's blog on medieval history and its connection to modern life.
The Victorian Book of the Dead Victorian culture around death and mourning.

Just for Fun

sandspiel create a little ecosystem in your browser.
This Cat Does Not Exist images of cats generated by a neural network.
Image Glitch Tool add visual glitches to any photo.
Pixel Art Converter convert any image to pixel art.
Blue Maxima's Flashpoint archive dedicated to preserving flash games.
Interactive IPA Chart an interactive chart of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) that lets you hear each of the sounds that the letters represent.
cOOl & EMO tEXt cOnVERTer xXX by Melon tool to convert normal text into c00l & EMO tEXT xXX. browse and customize blinkies.


"Cyberqueer Manifesto" by Queergrrrl79 probably this belongs in the online life section too, but i like the way this piece talks about what it means/can mean to be queer online.
Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) digital archive of queer zines from 1974-2012.
Strange Sisters archive of lesbian paperback covers from the 1950s and 1960s. explore by title or theme!
"A History of Leather at Pride" by Aphyr keeping this here for when the discourse starts this year.

Online Life

Internet Manifesto by Sadness Sadness's work is actually what spurred me to make my own site!
"Line Goes Up -- The Problem with NFTs" by Dan Olson an excellent piece that uses NFTs as a way in to talk about why the whole project of "web3" is rotten.
"How to Surf the Web" by Sadness getting out of google's orbit to find what's actually cool online.
"The Anti-Social Network" by Obsessive Facts "We seek not to destroy but to deconstruct and recreate, to inspire the strong and strengthen the weak. We believe this pursuit is virtuous, because at its core, humanity is basically good."

this line knocked me down.

"The Web Is Fucked" by Kev Quirk Quirk details the shift from 1.0, what we lost with the rise of social media, and how we can try and get it back.
"Web3 Is Going Great" by Molly White schaedenfreude is an essential nutrient, for me.
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) nonprofit defending civil liberties since 1990. good resources on privacy and security, especially the Surveillance Self-Defense guide.
Tech Transparency Project hub for journalists, researchers, and members of the public to hold large tech companies accountable.
"Goodbye Corporate" by Auzzie Jay guide to leaving the corporate web.
Wiby a search engine for the personal web.
Digital Ephemerality project demonstrating the fragility and impermanence of digital media.
Pluralistic daily link roundup and commentary from Cory Doctorow, typically tech-focused.


Knowledge Fight by Dan Friesen and Jordan Holmes two comedians debunking and mocking Alex Jones and other conspiracy dickheads.

Episode Rec: The "Formulaic Objections" series

Qanon Anonymous do you want to understand the specific ways your family members' brains are melting? the folks at QAA do a really great job of tracing the extended cinematic univers of conspiracy weirdos back to their roots (anti-Semitism and misogyny, for the most part) and tracking their consequences in the real world.

Episode Rec: "#114: Undercover at QCon"

Faculty of Horror by Andrea Subisatti and Alex West two scholars talking about horror films.

Episode Rec: The "Witches in Film" series

The Magnus Archives horror fiction anthology series with a wider plot that unwinds over all four seasons.

Episode Rec: "#15: Lost John's Cave"

Reproductive Rights

"National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF)" building power by removing financial and logistical barriers to abortion access.
Abortion Fund of Ohio statewide organization providing financial assistance and practical support (transportation, housing, childcare, etc) so that people in Ohio can access abortion care. Formerly known as WHO/O. love this change for them!
Aggie Fund assists people in Toledo and surrounding areas in access to abortion care.
Plan C this site collects information on the abortion pill, including a directory of where to access the medication.
Women on Web international online organization connecting people with abortion services.
Women on Waves international organization connecting people with abortion services, especially in countries where abortion is illegal.
I Need An A research clinics and their legal status.
Trigger Bans at the Guttmacher Institute details on which states have trigger bans and when/how these bans go into effect.
M + A Hotline information and support for people self-managing their miscarriage or abortion.
Support Abortion Funds by ActBlue make one donation and have it split between 92 abortion funds in the United States.
Aid Access organization that provides information and access to abortion medication.
If/When/How lawyers, advocates, and organizers working for reproductive justice.
Repro Legal Defense Fund If/When/How's fund for bail and legal defense for people criminalized for self-managed abortions or miscarriages. this is already happening around the US and is extremely likely to get worse.

Spooky Things

Forgotten Ohio this was one of my favorite websites as a kid. i used to spend literally hours on it, reading ghost stories and looking at Henderson's photos. the domain expired in 2019, but fortunately, the Wayback Machine saved the day.
Your Ghost Stories people share their experiences of ghosts and hauntings here.
Folklore and Mythology Texts by D.L. Ashliman tons of folktales and their variants collected by Ashliman. hint: D, G, and H will take you to the spooky stuff.
This Man creepy but fun hoax.
Anomalies: The Strange and Unexplained database of paranormal events throughout history; i especially like that the author traces each one back to its earliest known account.
The Occult Museum online museum collecting paranormal stories and images.
"When cameras captured ghosts" by Jeanette D. Moses brief article on the history of spirit photography.
The Bell Witch Site information on the Bell Witch of Adams, TN compiled by Pat Fitzhugh.
Ghost Stories of North Carolina ghost stories of NC compiled on the most delightfully 1998 site you've ever seen in your life. an unparalleled masterpiece. ghost stories from Singapore.
The Moonlit Road audio recordings of folktales from the American South, as told by master storytellers.
Mysterious Michigan ghosts, legends, and lore of Michigan.
West Virginia Ghosts ghosts and hauntings in West Virginia.