portrait of the author as a sad ladybug, circa 1998.

hello! my name is jude. i'm a 29 year old librarian in the midwest.

i made this site for a lot of different reasons: nostalgia for the internet of my childhood, frustration with the privacy nightmare that is social media, the need to have a space that's just... mine.

right now, i'm using this site to defrost my Myspace era html skills, post my writing, and compile lists of things that i like.

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fun facts

  • favorite genre: i love horror-- books, movies, podcasts, art...
  • favorite color: pink!
  • favorite music: Kesha, Hozier, Florence + the Machine, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kacey Musgraves.
  • favorite animals: cats, red pandas, and okapi.
  • favorite flowers: Queen Anne's lace.
  • other hobbies: cross stitch, collage, singing.
  • sign: virgo sun, pisces rising, scorpio moon.

alleged contemporary photo of jude.

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