this is my cat. i love him so much.

Egg as a tiny baby, circa 2014.

he began life under my family's porch. then he wandered inside and never left. he's not very bright, so it may be that he couldn't find his way outside again, but we love him anyway.

fun Egg facts

  • nicknames: Eggo, Eggo Boi, Gideon, Buddy, Bubbie, Bubster, Fuzzbucket, Baby.

    unsurpisingly, he has no idea what his name is, answering to none of these.

  • hobbies: watching birds, chasing soda bottle caps, befriending senior cats who do not like him, watching clothes in the dryer.
  • likes: laying in the sunshine, a fuzzy blanket.
  • dislikes: loud sounds, the scary outside cat.
  • sign: i have been unable to do a complete birth chart for my cat due to lack of data, but a very drunk person at a New Year's Eve party described him as having "Gemini vibes," so we'll go with that.

Eggs, 2020.

you can put a baby's headband on his head, and it takes him a very long time to figure out what's happened and how to fix it.

more Egg pictures, because this is my site, and who's going to stop me?

he likes to be included while other people play video games and is very happy to sit with a nonfunctional controller in front of him (also known as Younger Sibling Multiplayer.)

Eggs, in his Awkward Teen Years.